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Along with sanitization, decontamination & disinfection of bunker gear, we also have the ability and machinery to clean:

sleeping bags, hockey gear, uniforms, coveralls, mats, and much more.

We service the toughest and most demanding industries in both public and private sectors including first responders, front line medical workers and the military. We are certified to safely and efficiently handle any contaminants, Bitumen, oil, tar, paint, fuel, and more... and get them OUT of materials, so let us apply our expertise to what you need cleaned!

Getting rid of hockey gear musk, lingering smoke smell from campfires, oil soaked work coveralls, etc. Removing harmful bacteria build up that not only causes body odors, but that can severely affect your health. Reduce the accumulation of bacteria by getting it cleaned routinely & by using the industrial machinery that is right for the job. We do it all !  

*Let's talk to Randy Hillmer re: asking horse owners if he can pass around our info to them*

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