NFPA 1851- 2020 Edition

Section states:

Any PPE or garment that is known or suspected to be contaminated with bulk chemical, asbestos, or other designated hazardous substances, body fluids, or other microbial contamination, or products of combustion from a structural or other fire is subject to preliminary exposure reduction. 


Reasons why you should be keeping up with your

routine gear cleaning & advance inspections


  • Reduce risk of injury  

  • Remove cancer causing carcinogens, Bio-hazards & cross contamination

  • Invisible damage like moisture barrier leaks, internal thermal liner wear & tear would be undetectable unless proper testing and inspection was conducted

Save money

  • Maximizing the service time of your bunker gear's  (10 year)

  •  Repairing small damage points before they worsen over time and are more costly to repair

  • Manufacturers offer different warranties for they products, by getting your gear inspected yearly you can make sure to catch problems and get them repaired within that timeline.

Keep record

  • NFPA 1851 requires ISP's to keep record of all... (we go above those minimum requirements.)

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